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  • EnginePod for Catalina Yachts - side

    EnginePod - for Catalina Yachts

    The Catalina EnginePod was designed for Catalina Yachts and was standard equipment on many models that used a traditional pedestal. You can upgrade your old Catalina today with a new look and a better view while standing...

  • Gasket Material - for 1st and 2nd generation NavPods

    Dark gray gasket material for 1st or 2nd generation NavPods. One side of the gasket has a PSA backing under a paper strip. The gasket just needs to be cut down to exact size and the two ends glued together using any silicone...

  • HoseCoil Hose

    HoseCoil - 25' Hose

    HoseCoil hoses are lightweight and self coling hoses.  The hoses are built with standard 3/4" field serviceable soild brass fittings, and durable UV protective polyrethane.  A HoseCoil hose is the the...

  • HoseCoil Soapjet nozzle

    HoseCoil - Soap Jet Nozzle

    HoseCoil SoapJet Nozzle This fun nozzle features a simple two-trigger operation. One trigger for soap and one trigger for water.  This allows you to mix soap and water in any combination. The SoapJet nozzle...

  • PowerPod - PP4700 Series

    PowerPod - PP4700 Series

    PP4700 Series, PowerPods for Power are a better option than bracket mounting.  PowerPods provide a clean look for flush mounting with the advantage of a swivel base.The trunion bracket that is supplied...