About Ocean Equipment

HoseCoil is comprised of a range of, HoseCoil hoses, spray nozzles, enclosures, and hose storage systems. We have developed a range of vacuum formed housings to make the HoseCoil hoses an integral part of the cockpit on boats that would like an onboard washdown system. They are very popular with boat builders and dealers. The full range of HoseCoil products are available at most boating retail stores. With the growth of our HoseCoil Washdown Systems, we have moved most of our production overseas. We distribute throughout North America and Europe.

NavPod ManufacturingI am very excited to tell you about our third generation NavPods. Our company vision is to produce a high quality waterproof housing that protects and enhances the Marine Electronics display it was specifically designed for. Three years ago I personally made a 100% commitment to our NavPod brand. That quickly turned into moving the company, investing in new manufacturing equipment and assembling a great new team. 

We began this process by moving the company to Bend Oregon. We purchased a new Thermoformer and set up our thermoforming manufacturing facility. With the support of a talented engineering team we redesigned all NavPods. Previously, each time we designed a new NavPod we made only incremental improvements to that model. The next NavPod was only one step better than the previous one. With this new generation, we reviewed every way we had improved or could improve the product and incorporated all of those changes into all new products. A year of re-evaluation and a decade of improvement is now built into every new Gen3 NavPod.